MIGHTY SMALL 50 PLUS | EN - Intonacatrici



Multi-purpose eccentric screw pump, plastering machine, airless pump

Product sheet

Data sheet

Standard equipment

  • Control panel with exclusive IMER A1 self-diagnostic inverter
  • Cable remote control
  • Power cable 20 m
  • Safety pressure gauge
  • D8 -1.5 Stator and Rotor (Green)
  • Hose manifold Ø 35 Female
  • Camlock coupling reduction Ø 35M - Ø 25 M
  • Lifting hook
  • Integrated lifting handles
  • 50 l hopper in stainless steel
  • Accessory box incorporated in the frame


Ultra compact, light and powerful. Thanks to a series of compatible accessories, it can be adapted to pump or spray multiple products:

  • Traditional lime / cement plasters
  • Premixed / pre-dosed cement and lime based plasters
  • Pre-mixed / pre-dosed structural plasters
  • Pre-mixed / pre-dosed restorative plasters
  • Binders / mortars for consolidation injections
  • Insulating plasters based on polystyrene or cork
  • Thixotropic fiber-reinforced mortars for reinforcement
  • Filling grouts
  • Cement / anhydride-based self-leveling substrates
  • Mortars for grouting
  • All solvent-free paints
  • Adhesives for thermal insulating coatings
  • Smoothing plasters
  • Smoothing plasters for decorative finishing with silicates or minerals
  • Waterproofing and fiber-reinforced
  • Fireproofing mortars

Versatility is a prerogative of the Mighty Small 50 Plus. For this reason it is equipped with double software that can be selected according to the mode of use:
• “N” mode Polyvalent eccentric screw pump
•  Mode “A” Airless pump
When set in "A" mode, it acquires the functionality of the S50 Airless with the same performance. To complete the transformation, it will be possible to install the appropriate Airless transformation kit.

It can be used in combination with any type of external mixer:
• "MIX" series planetary mixer
• Continuous mixer "SPIN" series
• "SYNTESI", "MINIBETA" or "RIOBETA" series concrete mixer